What to Wear to an Interview

One of the most important aspects to having a successful job interview is to take the time to look your best the morning of. There are hundreds of grooming tips that you can take advantage of to look the part and to feel more confident when you’re going in for property jobs. The following interview tips will help to make sure that you’re wearing the right interview attire for the job.

Tip 1: Do Some Research

When you’re getting ready for a job interview one of the most difficult aspects of getting prepared is figuring out your outfit for the day. The best way to determine if you should dress in full business attire or business casual attire is to do a small amount of research on the company. Will your job be an office job where you’ll be meeting with clients? Have you been in the building before and noticed what everyone else was wearing? If you aren’t sure about whether you should go with the pant suit or slacks and a dress shirt it is advised that you always opt for business professional clothing.

Tip 2: Finding the Right Shoes

A lot of people believe that you can tell a lot about where a person has been and where a person is going by their shoes. If you’re going to take the time to dress professionally for a job interview then you might as well splurge on a new pair of shoes as well. You’ll want to make sure that they are thoroughly shined and that there aren’t any significant signs of wear and tear. They should be the same color as your belt or you can opt for the same color as your pants to create a cohesive look. Just remember, you’re here to make a great first impression so as long as you can walk in the shoes, don’t worry about whether they’re comfortable or not as you can change them as soon as you get back into your car.

Tip 3: Freshly Pressed Attire

One of the most noticeable aspects of interview attire is whether an outfit has been ironed or if it is even the least bit wrinkled. Make sure that all of the components of your interview outfit are freshly ironed, even if you have to wake up earlier in the morning to take care of it. There is also the option of handing your interview outfit into a drycleaner to get them to professionally press any wrinkles out and you get the added benefit of having them cleaned as well. If you’re wearing a suit jacket, ensure that you put it on a hanger and hang it up in your car while you’re driving as it can get creased while wearing it.

Tip 4: Grooming is Essential

Aside from the general basics of interview attire you will also want to make sure that the rest of your body is sufficiently groomed. Your teeth should be brushed, mouthwash should be used for an extra protective layer against bad breath, and you should be sure to floss. Take the time to properly style your hair and to choose a deodorant and cologne or perfume that isn’t overbearing but that sets the right impression. Also, men should be sure to shave the night before so that their face is soft and clean for the morning of the interview.

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