5 Top CV Tips

There are several things to take into consideration when you begin preparing your resume for property jobs. Not only does it have to have the right structure but it also has to contain the right information. Much like a job application, your CV should explain all of your experience and beneficial traits in a clear and concise manner. Learning how to establish a great resume will help you to get more job offers than ever before.

Tip 1: Finding the Right Tone

When you’re writing your CV you’ll want to make sure that you’re setting the right tone for whoever will be reading it. Everything that you write should exude confidence and pride about your accomplishments. Stand out from the crowd by using hard evidence to suggest why you’re better than the other candidates and try to stay away from exaggerating your positive traits without adding any substance. The more words that you include in your job application will result in your confidence appearing much lower.

Tip 2: Don’t Be Negative

The whole purpose of getting a job is to show that you will easily fit into a new team and help the company to achieve goals that they have set for the future. You’ll want to be optimistic about the job position and try to talk about “challenges” and how you overcame them rather than areas that you have issues with. Try to stay away from negative wording such as “argued” or “quit”. Even during your interview if you’re asked about negative traits that you have, talk about how difficult circumstances gave you more opportunities to develop yourself.

Tip 3: Stick to the Facts

Employers aren’t book publishers and they generally don’t want to read your whole life story with added details about past employment. Instead they are business-minded, meaning that they prefer to hear about statistics and numbers. Try to show proof of your successes by adding in figures or concrete evidence that your employers will understand. For example, “Increased sales revenue by x% during my x amount of time at the company”.

Tip 4: Customizing the Resume

Even though it might be tempting to print out 20 copies of a generic resume and submit it to a variety of companies, don’t allow yourself to fall into this routine as it could negatively affect your chances of getting hired. Customising your CV for property jobs is essential to show the employers that you are willing to take the time to show how important the job is to you. Think about where you’re going to be interviewing. If you’re looking for a journalism position then the quality of your resume may be analysed whereas if you’re looking for a creative job, the quantity of your experience may be the most important aspect.

Tip 5: Updating Your CV

Over time it’s inevitable that you’re going to get more experience as you’ll pick up small jobs here and there or perhaps you’ll go back to school. Make sure that if you have added more experience to your acumen that you also add it to your resume as well. Your employers will want to see the most recent information that you have about experience that you’ve gathered or skills that you’ll be able to benefit them with if they decide to hire you. Plus, it will show them that you’re willing to take the time to provide a more recent resume than one from a year ago.

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