Top UK Universities for Property Careers Courses

From construction jobs, to real estate jobs, the career possibilities for those who want to work under the larger umbrella of property is a vast landscape. Graduate property jobs from those who graduate from property universities can expect commercial property jobs and more.

If you ask for some advice on top UK universities for property careers, you’re going to get a number of answers from graduates from property courses offered through the leading universities. It is important to keep in mind what you are ultimately going to want from such an institution, particularly in terms of finding property jobs and careers afterwards. 

Property Career Courses Offered By UK Universities
When it comes to the best universities with property courses for graduates who are serious about securing property jobs afterwards, The Complete University Guide has a number of possibilities that you can consider:

Property Careers Opportunities


  • The University of Reading: For over 150 years, the University of Reading has set an exceptional academic standard (1). Located just thirty minutes from Central London, Reading scored quite high on entry standards and research quality. Student satisfaction can perhaps be a little higher, but there is no question that Reading offers students the materials they need to find engaging, well-paying property jobs upon graduation.
  • University of the West of England: In terms of property courses, potential graduates will love what this Bristol-based school of higher learning offers. You will find a range of courses that should serve to give you everything you need, in terms of a meaningful foundation.
  • Oxford Brooks University: Real Estate Management is just one example of the courses you can discover through Oxford Brooks University (2). The school scores well enough on every major front, particularly in the arena of entry standards. This school can certainly give you the springboard you are looking for, in terms of making the most of the property management job market right out of the gate.
  • Sheffield Hallam University: If you are looking for courses that will give you the best education background possible, when it comes to scoring exceptional property jobs on the market, Sheffield Hallam University is a school that is well worth researching in greater detail. The school ranks high with the Complete University Guide, and it is not hard to see why this is the case. Business Property Management is just one possibility here. This 1-year degree program offers both full-time and BSc.
  • Ulster University: This is one of the most popular options for potential property/land management students. The school is particularly popular for offering future graduates a variety of possibilities, in terms of securing the kind of degree they want. There are both three-year and four-year options that you can consider. Just keep in mind that each of those options comes with their own unique particulars. For example, the four-year degree comes with industrial placement.

These are just five of the universities you can explore, in order to get your property education started on the right foot. Property jobs are most certainly out there. While a strong educational background is just one element to succeeding on the job market, there is no question that your educational background is something that dictates a good deal of how far you go. Whether you choose Reading University, Bristol’s University of the West of England, Oxford Brooks University, or Ulster University (Harper Adams is yet another option), you have several appealing possibilities.



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