Tips for Graduates Looking to get into Property Jobs and Careers

Are property jobs only available for graduates in certain disciplines? Yes but people from diverse academic backgrounds can also apply for property jobs and careers. There are certain technical jobs which will require specific degrees or training and subsequent certification. That is no different from the engineering or healthcare sectors. But there are many jobs in engineering or healthcare, manufacturing or service industries where nontechnical graduates can also apply. Let us talk about the kind of graduates property jobs are relevant for and how graduates in different disciplines can apply for different vacancies.

  • Companies look for postgraduate property qualification that has been accredited by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). This is for surveyors. Aspirants need to sign up for an accredited conversion course. Ordinary graduates could also get sponsored by the company to get certified while working.

  • Property jobs that require degrees in engineering or architecture, finance or town planning will only be available for graduates who also have a postgraduate degree in the specific disciplines. Specialisations are imperative for such technical jobs. But there are other graduates who can fill in the supporting roles. For instance, a designer can work with an architect to illustrate the designs. There are associates to town planners. The finance department can have people who are not necessarily graduates in commerce or accountancy. You may have to be a chartered accountant to head a finance department but getting in will only need you to be a quick learner and you should be good with maths.

  • Graduates in any discipline can become estate agents. Property managers or estate managers, construction managers or certain specialized roles would require specific degrees but you can always begin as an apprentice and get trained on the job. An employer in the real estate or property development industry would be looking for same aptitudes and acumen beyond the specialisation as a company in other industries. Hence, if you can satiate those needs, then you can always try and tackle the specialisation issue.

  • There are certain property jobs that are ideal for graduates regardless of their discipline. Marketing and sales jobs or even advertising can be open for anyone who has what it takes to sell a product. If you are someone who can think on the feet, solve problems quickly, if you are skilled at numeracy, can work with a team, display leadership and manage projects with conviction and dedication, then property companies will want you. Graduates, who have negotiating skills, are good with their communications and can work independently but diligently would always be wanted in every industry.

You must highlight your strengths in your CV that are relevant for the property jobs and the lack of specialization or experience can be overcome.

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