How to Negotiate Your Salary

Once you’ve been with a company for a sufficient amount of time and you’ve shown that you’re a valuable employee it could be time for you to consider asking for a job promotion or a job pay raise. Property jobs give individuals the opportunity to make more money either after a certain period of time or as a result of their hard work. Negotiating higher pay can be intimidating to most people so knowing how to approach your employer and to increase your chances of getting a raise is essential.

Tip 1: Think About the Offer

If you’re in a position where you’re interviewing for a new job and you know that you have time to think about your offer, be sure to do so. Most times employers know that potential employees wait on employment because of the amount of money that they’re willing to pay. If you think that the pay is too low for your amount of expertise then you can always come back with a counter offer, though you will want to make sure that it is around the average for a professional with your years of experience. You might also find that the hiring manager will ask you how much you think the job is worth so you should have a figure in your head.

Tip 2: Preparing to Negotiate

In most cases it can be difficult for employers to consider a job pay raise simply because the company might not have the money in the budget. Though if you truly believe that you deserve one, you’ll have to take the time to prepare your case. Your employer will undoubtedly ask you why you think that you deserve a raise and why you deserve one above other employees in the office. Be prepared to provide your points in a persuasive and clear manner and take advantage of clear examples. At this point you’ll be selling yourself and proving that you’re worth just as much as you say you are.

Tip 3: Establishing Bargaining Tools

Bargaining tools are your best friend with property jobs when you’re ready for a job promotion. Consider if you’re prepared to let go of some other benefits that you have in exchange for an increase to your salary. For example, if you reduce the amount of money allotted to you on the company card or if you could return the company car allowance every month just to get more on your checks. Keep in mind that there are also other types of “raises” that do not pertain directly to your salary. For example, you could ask for your own office, ask for the contributions to your pension plan to be increased, added benefits, etc.

Tip 4: Be Prepared for the Answer

Your boss may give you the opportunity to state your case but at the end of it all you may not be granted a raise and at that point you need to consider what the next steps will be. Are you in a comfortable financial position to where you could choose to leave the job and see if they give you a counter offer? Regardless of how the negotiations go, your boss will be able to benefit from the negotiating skills that you exhibited when you brought up the idea of a job promotion in the first place which may help your case if extra money becomes available in the future.

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