Graduate Jobs in Property and Construction

The range of Graduate property jobs available to graduates from universities that offer property courses is a considerable list indeed (1). Obviously, in terms of things like graduate property jobs or real estate jobs (or property construction jobs or commercial property jobs), you want to choose property course related universities that are going to connect you to the property career field you desire. At this point, this is where your experience in seeking out graduate jobs in property and construction can differ significantly from someone else.

Nonetheless, in a broad sense, the various graduate jobs available to you is worth keeping in mind.

What Graduate Jobs in Property Are Available To Property And Construction Graduates?

As we mentioned before, there are many potential property jobs to those graduates who complete the required property related courses at one of the property course universities currently available. Upon graduation, there are also postgraduate avenues that you can explore, depending on what you want in the way of real estate jobs, or construction jobs, or whatever the case may be. If you are just beginning to explore the idea of working in property and/or construction, some of the more attractive job fields you can explore include:

  • Architect: If you dream of designing the homes, commercial buildings, or other structures of the future, it stands to reason that you are going to love being an architect. You will be responsible for dealing with such elements as planning out the ideas, requirements, objectives, and other things that will define a project. Good design skills and drawing talents are a must.
  • Architectural technologist: Working in this example of property jobs extended to graduates from universities will allow you to work with the development of the technologies that will prove to be vital to architects (2).
  • Estate agent: If you are the kind of person who loves the process of negotiation, then you will definitely want to explore this example of real estate jobs in greater detail. You can also consider working as an estate agent to be a good example of commercial property jobs available to property universities graduate. You can specialise in sales, but you also have the option to focus your energies on letting. You can then deal with either commercial properties or residential properties. A little information on Estate Agent Courses here -
  • Minerals surveyor: As you can imagine from the name alone, working in this example of property jobs will give you challenges and other dynamics that will be quite different from building a house, or negotiating on the sale of a house. Nonetheless, you will be responsible for checking out certain mining sites, in order to determine their potential for future projects.
  • Historic buildings inspector/conversation officer: The desire to save historic buildings is an understandable one. Buildings have the ability to connect us to our singular and shared histories in a variety of ways. You will be responsible for working with a wide variety of individuals, as you offer advice or promotion that will be centred around the conservation and preservation of historic environments.

Five potential career paths to graduates from universities. Keep in mind that the above list is just the beginning of what can be made available to you. Consider what truly interests you, and then begin to process of researching schools that offer the property courses you are going to need. Some of these job markets demand similar educational/experience backgrounds. At the same time, there are also several distinct differences.




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